Goatswood Profile: Mairead1 Resident
Mairead1 Resident
Character Name:
Mairead1 Resident



Rank: (?)

Game Age:18 days
Combat Mode: (?) Default Combat Mode
Physical Rate: (?) 88 / 104
Body Type: Average
Total Wins:0
Total Losses:0
Total Captures:0
Mairead1's Captives/Prisoners:None
Total Money (incl. Bank): (?) 347 G$
Character born on:14 Mar 2015
Last Played on:04 Apr 2015
Personal URL:
SGS Version:3.510
Born of Gypsy Parent's I spent many year's traveling with my parents throughout he world, seeing maany cultures and leaning much. After my Parents Passing I travelled on my own for Years telling fortunes, dancing to make some Money. Then I came across Goastwood, A small Village with dark undertones, I parked my Caravan in a small wooded meadow.......now begins a new chapter in my Life..........

(Last Updated: 03 Apr 2015)
Mairead1 Resident's Current Address
Gypsy Caravan #2
Employment / Skill Training
ALCOHOL:Level 1 (3 days of training)
DANCING:Level 1 (1 days of training)
PSYCHIC:Level 1 (6 days of training)
Current Employment/Training: Fortune Teller at Gypsy Camp
Inventory is empty
Criminal History
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RP Limits
No Death
No Rape
No Permanent Capture for longer than 30 mins
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